She Says

overlooking the Indian ocean while gazing at the stars of the Maldivian skies - "I know what I want; sift for the best and i don't waste my time with the rest"

Home & Decor

the current obsession? incorporating luxurious details in your luxurious home (LOA)

lavender linen spray - perfume specially for your pillows, bedsheets and may we suggest.. towels! mmmm~ we love the one that crabtree evelyn has to offer!

doesn't just smell nice, lavender is also therapeutic! we just wish there were more varieties.


walking by the sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, maxi dresses and floppy hats - that's what i'm talking about..

tress chic

simply chic

Can't help but love the whole idea

The Art of Being Chic

one word - Confidence

if you don't have it, fake it, LOA (Law. Of. Attraction ) baby!

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And of course i meant beauty tutorials. This one had me inspired for a day..nonetheless in reality I couldn't bring myself to stick on 2 layers of falsies and walk out of the house in broad daylight. 

Have fun trying it out!